Kvarken Space Center is part


EU Interreg BA KvarkenSpaceEco Project

which is funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).


Project partners:

Regional Capacity Building

The “New Space Digital Economy Innovation Center” will implement a long-lasting regional economic development structure for space-based business and innovation, i.e. a Kvarken Space Center. The planned center’s primary objective is to support regional businesses to develop opportunities within the “new space economy” and commercialise existing space-based data. Factors have developed in the space industry that allow much less expensive processes to be implemented in space relative to the past.

To aid the region in taking a stake in these new economic activities as well as available data and services, the center will assure that an understanding of the latest technologies is available, along with the capacity to implement them. The center will share knowledge and implement demonstration projects to bring the regional businesses to the level needed.

An innovation Ecosystem

The goal of the project is to develop a long-lasting innovation center that will develop the necessary foundation to support “new space” business activities in the Kvarken region. Currently, the Kvarken region is not active in participating in space economy or space-based data utilisation. This is despite the vast opportunities of space data especially for the energy, forestry, marine and agriculture business domains. Space-based data enables various new services and may improve existing systems – it will bring added value to solutions and new revenue streams from encouraging businesses. An innovation center will change this status quo and assist the region to-begin and to-continue to participate in business opportunities within the globally developing “new space” economy.

We already use space-based data daily

We already use space-based data daily Our project researcher Antti Kinnunen writes today in the local newspaper how common it it to use space-based data. We don’t usually think from where comes the data to…

Designing the payload of KvarkenSat

Designing the payload of KvarkenSat In the spring 2022, one of our project’s goals will fulfill when we will launch our own cube satellite, KvarkenSat to the sky. However, there are quite many things to…

The interest in New Space Economy grows in Finland

The interest in New Space Economy grows in Finland A delegation of KvarkenSpaceEco project attended the Finnish Satellite Workshop, the biggest annual New Space meeting in Finland. This year the event was arranged together with…

Our @univaasa team won Sustainable urban planning category in #WeSeaChallenge in Dec 2019. This week the team presented their idea in @Uusikaupunki400 where the challenge assignment came from. https://uusikaupunki.fi/uutiset/weseachallenge-kilpailun-voittajien-vierailu-uudessakaupungissa

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