Thank you for attending our Future Talk!

By Johanna Haveri

Thank you for attending our Future Talk! Our Future Talk event on Urban sustainability and satellite-based data was successful thanks to our wide audience, expert panelists and our very talented host Katriina. Our professional panelists – Mikko Strahlendorff, Maria Yeroanni, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Emma Terämä and Paul Hoekman – together with the important theme, locked very…

Urban Fabrics – What are they?

By Johanna Haveri

Conversation of the Urban Fabrics is on The latest Mega magazine is out and our Kvarken Space Discussions of Urban Fabrics has started. The same theme continues on our website. You are welcome to join the discussions and learn more how Urban Fabrics are helping in planning sustainable cities.

Future Talk of Urban Sustainability and Satellite-Based Observations

By Johanna Haveri

The Digital Economy research platform at University of Vaasa – which is the lead partner of KvarkenSpaceEco project – and Regional studies arrange the future talk focusing on urban sustainability and satellite-based observation on the 3rd of December 2020. In this online event an expert panel is discussing about energy and material stocks and flows…

Radars Can Be Used in Satellites

By Johanna Haveri

Radars Can Be Used In Satellites Did you know that radars can be used in satellites, too? In some cases they can “see” better than satellites. In this image you see that Sentinel-2 satellite rely on sun and on earth generated electromagnetic radiation for imaging. Sentinel-1 sends its own microwave pulses that it uses for…

Nighttime lights in Mega-magazine

By hammian

We have just featured our fourth part of the ongoing series in the Mega-magazine concentrating on the different aspects of remote sensing. This time we wanted to introduce you to nighttime observations and how they can be utilized. Additionally, we wanted to give you a chance to explore the nighttime world as seen from space…

Sign up for Space Apps

By Johanna Haveri

It’s Time to Sign Up – NASA Space Apps Is Here Again The world’s largest hackathon NASA International Space Apps hackathon will be hold on October 2nd to 4th 2020. This time it will be all virtual and online. Check it out on our Events page or go to West Coast Startup’s website.