Call for Chapters to Scholars Interested in Space Business

Space is increasingly open to business. Here is an exciting opportunity to all scholars working in the field of space economy.

Check out this call for chapters for a planned book tentatively titled ”Space Business: Emerging Theory and Practice”. 

This call for chapters invites academics with interest and experience in space business to give their input. Themes include, but are not limited to:
·      The current state of knowledge about various space business related activities.
·      The business models in space business and how space business changes existing business models.
·      Specific characteristics of space business.
·      The ecosystems found in space business and how firms act within these ecosystems.
·      Entrepreneurial activities of space firms. 
·      How space firms network with other actors in the market and/or operate in a global environment.
·      How firms utilize the data and services provided by space firms in their own businesses. 
·      Space innovations and R&D related to space business development.
·      Business investment in the space industry.
·      Case studies related to different space business firms or firms utilizing space data.

More information here.

This initiative comes from Prof. Arto Ojala (University of Vaasa) and Prof. Will Baber (Kyoto University).