Our team won a part of WeSeaChallenge!

Kannan Selvan and Antti Kinnunen pitching at

A team, which consisted of postgraduate students from University of Vaasa and KvarkenSpaceEco project, won one category in WeSeaChallenge in Turku on Wednesday, December the 4th. WeSeaChallenge was an open idea competition organized by BalticSatApps project and Turku Science Park.

WeSeaChallenge looked for ideas where satellite data together with other sources of information were used to support the planning and monitoring of aquatic activities. The competition had three categories; Sustainable aquaculture, Sustainable urban planning, and Clean, productive and shared Baltic Sea.

Antti Kinnunen and Kannan Selvan pitched their team’s proposal on Wednesday, Dec. the 4th, in Turku. The proposal belonged to Sustainable urban planning.

“Our proposal included an analysis of the information needs of different stakeholders. Based on these needs we proposed an accessible information system providing understandable and easily accessed water quality information. It was packed by prototyping process involving creation of initial models of the interplay between the in-situ measurements and the satellite observations in different wavelengths. These satellite observations were a result of processing a large number of different satellite products, by the initial stage of automatic pipelines developed”, tells Antti Kinnunen.

BalticSatApps, the organizer of the competition, is also an EU interreg project, which wants to boost business with open space-based data.