Welcome to Kvarken Space Center!

Kvarken Space Center serves as an innovation hub and bridge across the Gulf of Bothnia, supporting Nordic space-interested stakeholders to seek new initiatives and growth.

Kvarken Space Center

  • promotes satellite technologies, data and applications in various forms and highlights their essential role in the digital infrastructure of today

  • gives Finland a geographically well-positioned bridge to Nordic collaboration for space activities

Originally Kvarken Space Center was established in a project KvarkenSpaceEco, that was financed by EU Interreg Botnia-Atlantica program. 

The project consortium consisted of 10 universities and research institutes from Finland and Sweden.

Since the conclusion of the project, the Kvarken Space Center has served as an umbrella for all space-related activities at the University of Vaasa. 
Kvarken Space Center is hosted by University of Vaasa and its near-Earth space experts.

Read more about our ongoing projects and explore the possibilities on collaboration, research and studies at Vaasa Space Avenue.

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