A group of representatives from Kvarken Space Center and AuroraSpace project participated in the Winter Satellite Workshop held in Espoo, Finland at the end of January.

The workshop, organized yearly by Aalto University, brings together experts, researchers, students, and representatives from companies and finance sectors to discuss the latest developments in space technology, remote sensing, and earth observation. This event, previously known as the Finnish Satellite Workshop, is the largest new space event in Finland, Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries. The name change was intended to highlight its cross-border impact.

The three-day event offers a wide range of presentations and research posters that provide participants with the latest information on the field. Additionally, the event features a business expo where companies and universities in the field showcase their services.

Discussions going on at the booth.

Kvarken Space Center and AuroraSpace project had a joint booth at the event where they showcased Vaasa University’s cross-border space research and project activities. In addition, our researchers presented their research topics in poster sessions and research presentations.

AuroraSpace and Sustainability

Since AuroraSpace project representatives from three countries and six universities were present, the project’s Sustainable Development Goals workshop was decided to be held in conjunction with the event.

The workshop, held in a hybrid model, discussed the impact of the project on UN Sustainable Development Goals. During the SDG Workshop and the subsequent vote, the AuroraSpace SDG pyramid was constructed. The pyramis shows the project’s relationship to the UN SDGs.

The Winter Satellite Workshop was the first joint event where AuroraSpace project implementers met each other in person. The next joint meeting is already planned to be held at the beginning of May 2024 at the Kiruna Space Campus hosted by LTU.