Is Space a Key to Growth?

The Space Innovation Forum 2021, organized by RIT 2021 project, deals with an actual topic also to KvarkenSpaceEco project and its stakeholders: How can space fuel regional innovation and growth?

This is an important question to us working to establish a long-lasting regional economic development structure for space-based business and innovation in the Kvarken region.

The presentations and the panel discussion today showed that we need lots of planning and collaborating, with not only the project partners but also other regional, national and international stakeholders to make this dream come true. Creating a space ecosystem also needs time and money.

I was very fascinated by the presentations that told how the space sector in Norrbotten, the Harwell Space Cluster (UK) and the GKN Aerospace have been established and grown.

Today’s discussions  were very inspiring and gave some certainty that we are on the right track. I am looking forward for tomorrow’s workshops at Space Innovation Forum.