Learning should start at a young age

Pupils and teachers from Mustasaaren keskuskoulu visiting our satellite workshop at LUMA Center Ostrobothnia in Technobothnia.

An important part of our KvarkenSpaceEco Interreg project is to raise awareness of the opportunities of space. We do this work with people of all ages in the Botnia-Atlantica area.

After the Covid-19 restrictions receded, school classes in our area have been eager to arrange space lectures and satellite workshops.

This week we got eager visitors from Mustasaaren keskuskoulu (Central School of Mustasaari) to our satellite craft workshop that we arranged together with  LUMA Center Ostrobothnia.

LUMA Center Ostrobothnia is a part of LUMA Center Finland, which is a science education network of Finnish universities. LUMA Center aims to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science and technology (STEM).

Our visitors from Mustasaari heard a space lecture given by professor Heidi Kuusniemi. They also participated in a craft workshop where they made their own satellites with all the  relevant parts and payloads.

We send our warm thanks to our visitors and LUMA Center. We had a really nice morning with you.