Free Earth Observation Resources from ESA’s Sentinel Program

Learning Earth Observation (EO) is not easy, but at least several important resources are available for all interested for free!

A Quick way to get started is to create account at European Space Agency’s (ESA) Copernicus program Open Access Hub. By free creating account and exploring with the user friendly browser UI, it’s fast to  learn how to access different data products available in the area of interest, even your own backyard!

Second key feature needed is the program to manipulate, correct and view the available Sentinel data products. Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) is free to download and use. It is available here – Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform.

Knowledge related to the data products is complex and SNAP is not necessarily the most straightforward program to start using. However, ESA has provided quite a few different tutorials to help you get started, those are available here.

During the project we will create in-depth tutorials, more in-line with the business needs in the area. But hopefully just pointing out some of these existing resources is usefull!