How to use satellite data in creating new business

Our partner Luleå University of Technology is also involved in a project called RIT 2021 which aims to create sustainable growth in the region of Norrbotten, Sweden and enhancing its role as Sweden’s leading space region. This project is working with very similar matters than KvarkenSpaceEco.

RIT 2021 is arranging a Space Innovation Forum in late September 2020. This forum consists of two online morning sessions; a seminar with expert presentations and discussions, and a workshop to create a successful business environment for space data applications.

You are welcome to join these sessions and learn more about the enormous amount of data the satellites provide, often free of charge, and how this data can benefit the society and the local and global economies.

Please, read more from the RIT 2021 website.   The programme will soon be published on RIT 2021’s website