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Space technologies and the energy transformation

Sustainable Energy and climate change are some of the most challenging topics that need to be addressed right now. ‘How do we get to a sustainable energy system by conforming to the limitations brought about by the climate change agreement’? And ‘how do we transition to a low carbon economy?’ are questions that cannot be addressed easily. Moreover, the energy transition involves many actors and stakeholders that make finding a solution even more demanding. Space technologies and solutions can have a prominent role in addressing some of the energy related challenges

Hence the Kvarken Space Economy Project organizes a seminar on the Vaasa EnergyWeek focusing on the benefits and applications of space technology and data for the energy sector especially for the energy transformation and a greener future.

Please see the PDF for more information.

Registration and the detailed schedule for the seminar here.


Dr. Heidi Kuusniemi Professor, Director  University of Vaasa

Jari Ratilainen Project Manager VAMK University of Applied Sciences

Tero Vauraste Regional Director Europe  ICEYE

Mikko Strahlendorff Development Manager  Finnish Meteorological Institute

Dr. Eduard Escalona Zorita Space Downstream Market Officer  EU Agency for the Space Programme

Markus Ranne  Head of New Space Economy  Business Finland

Dr. Ilona Söchting CEO  Analytics Pika Ltd.

Jari-Pekka Kankaanpää Software Design Engineer Distribution Solutions, ABB

Hans-Alexander Öst Development Director  Vaasan Sähkö